Fear of the unknown and of the future is something that stresses most of us out. I call it Future Tripping.

Even if you are a self-proclaimed skeptic, most of us are slightly interested in spiritual readings, who wouldn’t want advice that’s out of this world?!

My name is Sheaya, and I am a Spiritual Coach. My passion is teaching others to tap into their own intuition to connect with loved ones who have transitioned, but tarot readings are very helpful when we are at a crossroads or feeling uncertain. Even as a tarot reader myself, I have a reader that I go to when I am future tripping. 

For those of you uncertain about what tarot is, it’s a tool used to tap into our inner guidance. The cards are just images that help trigger a connection to our higher self and clarify matters that may seem confusing to us. I believe that we all have free will, and this is why it’s impossible to predict the future. The tarot is instead used as a guide and nudge in the right directions but it is up to the client to do the work required after receiving a tarot reading.