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I'd love the opportunity to help you find the perfect oil blend for your personal needs.

Handmade Essential Oil Roller Balls

Our sense of smell is our first sensory to experience the world around us. Our smell receptors located in our nose make direct connections to the limbic system in our brain. This means that our sense of smell can directly effect our emotional responses. By understanding this, we better understand why aromatherapy impacts our mood and emotions as strongly as it does.

We can use oils to train our limbic system to trigger specific moods or feelings. By wearing oils when you feel a certain way, that you hope to feel more often, and then reapplying the oils when you need a boost of this feeling we begin triggering our memory to alter our emotions and emotional state. 

My Oils Story

I had every excuse to not use essential oils. There were too many options, I was overwhelmed with what to buy, and I had no idea how they actually worked. 

When I finally gave into those fears, I found healing in a world of oils that were endless! I realized that my instinct knew exactly what I needed and that I didn’t need to understand how they actually work to receive the benefits. 


My deep grief feelings became manageable, I found peace where I use to have debilitating anxiety, and my depression morphed into a new perspective of positive possibilities. After consistently using oils in my daily routine, I began overcoming my limiting beliefs. I was convinced that there was nothing that oils couldn’t improve in my life!